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Being part of an outdoor television program has given me the opportunity to hunt all over the world on DIY and fully guided hunts for about every type of game known to man. I can honestly say 100% without a doubt that Brian w/ Twisted Horn Outfitters, LLC is hands down one of the best! Brian takes it personally that his clients receive the best possible service at camp, in the field and on the hunt. I spent 4 days with him this past fall hunting Blacktail deer, my first time after this particular species. I knew nothing of how to hunt them and after that short hunt I felt like I have a great feel for the species because of all of their teaching.


We hunted hard for 3 days with little success but not due to Brian. The weather, moon and rut were not on our side. On the last day I could sense the dedication and persistence in his persona, and even though I was starting to doubt we would find a buck suitable for TV, if I’ve learned one thing in this business it is to “Trust your guide.” I did exactly that and 45 minutes into shooting light Brian put me on a giant 3x3 Blacktail buck. The buck of a lifetime. Camera light was perfect, my camera man was on the buck and now the pressure was all on me. From 422 yards I put a perfectly placed Cutting Edge Bullets’ Brass Raptor chambered in .300wsm into the bucks spine and anchored him for good. Brain worked his tail off hiking from the absolute bottom of the canyon to the top not only once, but twice to get all our gear and the buck out and to the truck. He’s got more skill, knowledge and energy than guides twice his age.

If you want the hunt of a lifetime, great times and incredible friendship, book a hunt with Brian. You will never regret it, I give you my word.

Gary Bergen

Former co-owner of Complete Season TV & current Executive Producer for The Hitmen TV on Pursuit Channel

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I have hunted with Brian two years in a row and I’m eager to hunt with him again next season. Over the last three years I’ve hunted with multiple guides in the Pacific Northwest and Brian is by far the most knowledgeable, professional and courteous outfitter I have ever met. During our first year hunting, he put me on a huge 5 x 5 bull on our third day during rifle season. This last season we were in an area with a ton of elk and even spotted a herd of twelve cows and spike bulls but didn’t find a shooter. I learned more about Roosevelt Elk hunting from spending one day with Brian than an entire season out in the woods by myself. You can certainly tell Brian has put in the time to track and follow these big bulls as he is very familiar with the habitat and know exactly where they live. He will definitely put you on the elk…the rest is up to you!


Bobby H

Seattle, WA

Modern Fire Arm Blacktail Deer Hunt

Twisted Horn Outfitters, LLC in my opinion is one of the Northwest Americas cutting edge large Mammal hunting guides in the industry. Hunting with this young buck is not for the faint of heart. You need to be on your game. If you can stay with him, and not break every twig in the northwest woods, he is completely capable and ready to put you on your dream beast. Brian has incredible stamina and perseverance and will not allow you to lose the fever. I booked a tri-fecta with Brian hoping to harvest a Black tail deer, Bull Elk and a bear. My hunts were broken into two time frames. Although I did not drop all 3, I was able to harvest a nice Black tail. If you have dreams to harvest Gods Majestic creatures of the northwest woods, Twisted Horn Outfitters, LLC can put you on the trophy of a lifetime. Brian and his father were great company and feel as though I have made great friends. For his age he shows a lot of maturity and courage to help get your tag filled. I was a little surprised by his youth initially, but once he got me in the woods and showed 25 deer in 45 minutes I knew I was with and gifted and talented naturalist that had spent time mastering his craft. I think with time he will be a force to be reckoned with among Northwest Outfitters. I will never forget the day he pointed to my majestic Black tail and said “shoot that deer James”! Well, I shot and nothing happened, he said, “shoot again and aim for the top of the shoulder”, I did and I blew his heart out. Wasted absolutely no meet. My ten point is going to be the start of what I hope to be a wonderful trophy room. I wish I had tons of money I would invest in this young man and get him lodge and a large ranch to Guide on. Thanks Brian for the opportunity to share this dream hunt of a lifetime with me. I will never forget this poignant moment in my life.

James W. Richey
Hueytown, AL.

I hunted with Twisted Horn Outfitters, LLC in December 2009 for Blacktail, looking for my first-ever archery buck. It was also my first time hunting in Washington State. I figured I’d have my work cut out for me with the constant rain that week and generally tough hunting conditions. To my pleasant surprise, however, Brian knew exactly where and how he wanted to hunt, confident in his knowledge of the deer and their behavior in this type of weather. He assured me that if I was willing to hunt in the rain, we’d get opportunities; and he was right! I was able to make a good stalk on a buck the evening of day 1; I ended my first day of hunting at full draw on a buck as the light faded. Late in the morning on day 2, I got a broadside shot on a beautiful timber buck at 40 yards! And that’s where Brian really started to shine. He was able to find blood trail where I simply could not. I am certain it would have taken me the rest of that day, and probably the next day, to find that buck. But Brian led us right to him, and led me to my first archery big game harvest! And more importantly for me, I had a GREAT time doing it! Even through the wet weather, Brian focused on making my hunt enjoyable for me. I had so much fun hunting with Brian, and I look forward to the next opportunity to hunt with him again. Do yourself a favor and hunt with the best!

Brian R. – California


Take it from me a true rookie hunter, this guy knows his stuff. I was lucky enough to be guided by Brian on my first hunting trip ever. Upon arrival Brian immediately went to work showing me the ropes, familiarizing me with the lay of the land and educating me on the behaviors of the animals specific to each area we were hunting. when your with this guy there is no experience needed because he's bringing it all. I am proof, because by noon on the second day of my trip i had my first trophy black tail in the bag. (Check out the picture of the non typical 3x7 in the gallery). I can not say enough about this guys knowledge and ability. I'm sure i will be hunting with him again. Thanks Brian.


Brian is a very energetic guide and doesn't slow down for a minute. He is constantly looking for signs and is very quick to get out on foot and start tracking. He knows the hunting areas very well and puts forth a tremendous effort for his clients. If you're willing to put in the work, Brian will put you on the animals. I was fortunate enough to harvest an elk in the 2009 season and Brian was the key to my success. I would recommend Brian to anyone who is serious about making the most of their hunting opportunity.

John King
Los Angeles, CA

I was lucky to hunt with Brian. Brian’s knowledge of the area we hunted was very good. He was very professional and fun to hunt with. I would not hesitate to go with Brian again, and I hope to hunt with him in the future.


Steve F.

I just wanted to thank you guys again for a great hunt. Both Nate and Brian gave me their best effort in trying to fill my tags. They really surprised me with all the different places they took me to hunt. They know the area and the animals hangouts quite well. Even though I didn't fill my tags, Nate and Brian gave me opportunities at both deer and elk which was all I could hope for in a hunt. If you are looking to harvest a Roosevelt Elk or Blacktail Deer give them a call.

Chris K.

Testimonial for Twisted Horn Outfitters, LLC

I hunted with Brian in December of 2009 for elk with a muzzle loader. Brian is a professional, knowledgeable guide who is at the top of his game. A real pleasure to hunt with and darn right fun, at times it was an exciting experience. Having been on other guided elk hunts, I’d rate Brian in the top three of guides I’ve hunted with. Here’s the odd part, I wasn’t able to take an elk, but we were on bull’s everyday, that’s muzzle loader hunting for you. I’ll book with Brian again and whole heartedly recommend him.

Thanks Brian I haven’t had that much fun in years.

John D.

Lodi California

I booked my hunt with Twisted Horn Outfitters, LLC based on an internet search and without any idea of what I was getting into. At least this time the web delivered. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Well, I suppose it might have been a better hunt if it had lasted more than a couple of hours. After meeting Brian for the first time at a pre-dawn breakfast, we were onto elk from first light, just missing a herd that disappeared into the timber. Within a half hour we were able to spot a large herd on a distant hill. After a mile long stalk, we were able to get within 120 yards and I was able to let my muzzleloader do the talking (see the YouTube video Brian posted) taking a nice 4 x 5 Roosevelt bull. All in all the best guided hunting experience I have had. I hope to top it with a big mature bull this year. I am returning this fall for the early muzzleloader hunt, and my wife is joining as my film crew. While I hope the hunt lasts a little longer this time, I hope it doesn’t last too long.

Tom Stevenson

My dad and I won a Black Tail bow hunt at a SCI show with Brian from Twisted Horn Outfitters, LLC. Our hunt was only a few months away so I had to start getting ready. I already had my bow sighted in and I wasn’t a bad shot. ...But I needed some practice. So I became a member of a local archery range and began practicing. Soon enough, December came and along with it, my deer hunt. When the time came however, our luck ran out and the weather wouldn’t cooperate. Probably noticing I was a little down, Brian told us about an awesome Black Bear hunt he had coming up in August. My dad and I talked about it and we decided it was what we wanted to do.

My dad and I left on a Monday in August with my Browning .338 magnum and the rest of our hunting gear. Brian had been scouting the area for quite a while and he had seen a few bears around so I was pretty pumped about my chances of shooting one. The next day, at about 6am we started our hunt through the woods. After a while, we decided to try to call one in. Brian used a call that simulated a fawn in trouble. And about 10 minutes into the call, a group of deer showed up to see what was happening then took off when they saw us. A few minutes after, a coyote showed up and I was about to shoot it but I couldn't get my gun up in time. We then heard a leaves crunching and twigs breaking in the woods from something big that sounded like it could be around 40 yards away. Brian thought for sure it was a bear even though we never got a look at what it really was. But the wind shifted and whatever it was caught our scent and left. We walked around for a while longer and decided to call it for the morning as it was beginning to heat up.

That evening we went out again at around 6pm. This time we were on the trail of what sounded like a big bear. We came across its tracks and they were definitely made within the hour. So we tracked it for a while but never caught up to it.

When my dad and I got back to our hotel room that night, I was a little bummed out and was worried that this trip would turn out like all the others and we would have no luck; I have been hunting for 3 years and I have never shot anything accept for a couple of squirrels, birds and a raccoon. But I tried to keep my attitude up knowing that I still had two days ahead of me.

The next day (Wednesday) we went out to some property owned by a friend of Brian, so we were able to hunt it. Once again we started at around 6am. We hiked about 3 miles along a dirt logging road until we finally came across some very fresh bear tracks. We figured that it was the main crossing point for a mom, her cub, and another juvenile bear. But Brian had a big bear on his mind that he hadn’t seen for 2 years but he really wanted to find it.

The last time he saw it was about another 2 miles up the road. So we hiked up there but all we found was a deer and an elk skeleton. But absolutely no sign of a bear. So we decided to return to the tracks we saw earlier and to see if we could catch one of those bears crossing. On our way back down the road we checked a little stream for tracks and there was a set that was so fresh that the paw prints leading away from it were still wet. So we went down about another mile back to the tracks crossing the road and sat on the side of the road with the tracks about 30 yards to our left where the road curved. And we could see the road to our right leading back up for about 275 yards. I was sitting facing the other side of the road with my gun at my side. To my right sat Brian, and to my left, my dad got comfortable. Brian then played the call for about 5 minutes. About 10 minutes after Brian got done playing the call, two does ran out onto the road about 200 yards to our right then ran back in looking pretty spooked. Right then Brian looked at me and whispered, “Be ready because something scared those deer out. Whether its a bear, cougar, or a coyote, something is coming.” I just thought yeah, okay, we'll see. Because I honestly wasn't expecting anything to come out because like I said before, I have never had any luck in any of my previous hunts.

About 20 minutes later, I was sitting there relaxed on the side of the road picking grass and playing with pine needles. Then Brian whispered stressfully saying "Hurry shoot! Blast him! Shoot him before he turns back into the woods!!!" And with my heart pounding and adrenaline pumping, I frantically looked over and saw a bear waddling down the road about 200 yards to my right. I really only had about 5 seconds to take the shot before it walked back into the woods. So, with my hands shaking and my heart almost jumping out of my throat, I hurried to grab my gun and got into the prone position. I didn't really think about what I was doing. All I remember was Brian still rushing me to shoot, seeing the black bear in my crosshairs walking closer and closer towards the forest and pulling the trigger. My ears were ringing and I hoping so much that I actually hit the bear. And the next thing I knew, I could hear Brian yelling "Yes!! You hit him, you hit him! Yeah!!!" I stood up, and saw my bear lying dead 200 yards up the road. I was jumping and screaming with joy. I looked at my dad, and he was shocked, he was just smiling and saying “Holy crap. You hit it! You actually shot it!

When we got there, he was lying dead with a pool of blood in front of his mouth. The bullet from my .338 him right above his right eye, went through his skull and was embedded in the back of his neck. He was dead before he hit the ground. We then took pictures and gutted him and I waited with my prize while Brian and my dad went back down to the rig to get the game cart Brian’s friend had brought up for us. With smiling faces, we put the bear in the cart and I wheeled him 3 miles down the road to the rig.

I am so grateful for Brian from Twisted Horn Outfitters, LLC for his hard work and effort and desire to get me a black bear. I get so excited just telling people about it even now and I’m sure that will never change.

Sam G.